You’ll become a popular Instagram blogger in seconds with these fall/winter hats

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 12

North has arrived the gale blowing winter, walking in the street every day can feel his face facial features, his hair, his head are mercilessly in the northwest wind whipping.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 1

Sweaters, windbreakers, leather and boots are all ready. All we need now is a hat to protect our heads!I recommend the following 4 caps for everyone, let wintry day you, tide beautiful warm.

Fisherman hat/bucket hat

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 2

Fisherman’s hat is versatile all the year round. Its soft brim is the edges and corners of the center and face, which can cover most parts of the face, which makes the face very small, and also makes the lines of the face very soft. The overall look will be very round, and the person is super cute.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 3

But this winter is very windy, so I have to mention the fisherman’s hat with shaking fleece!This furry accessory is already an integral part of winter, with the fisherman hat style that goes with everything.Celebrities and fashion bloggers share one. After all, everyone loves furry.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 4

Bella Hadid’s leopard print look is as wild as it can be, with an all-black ensemble, but this fluffy wool hat instantly neutralises the ensemble and makes this look adorable!

The bucket hat, which is very similar to the fisherman’s hat, has also become very popular recently.Fashionably joker it can help us summer sun shading not only bask in, add plush still can windproof heat preservation in winter, still can show the face is small, concave modelling.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 5

Bring warmth and high – class feeling, this winter must have!

Beret/Pumpkin Hat

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 6

First of all, the world with the most beautiful beret female star Rimi Ishihara.She’s really grown a face to match a beret.Not too long, not too round, and the slight edges are neutralized by the soft curves of the beret.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 7

A face with a weak face shape, like this one, works well with a soft, comfy beret. When wearing this face shape, cover the top or back of the head with the beret, so that the ratio of the rounded face to the rounded face is naturally reduced.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 8

A long face is even more suited to a beret, which can be used to cover the hairline while shortening the length of the face to make it look shorter.In the meantime, also can decorate next face with bangs, distance of fluctuation of shortening facial face on the vision, appear facial face is smaller.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 9

The pumpkin hat has no brim and looks like a lovely pumpkin from above.The pumpkin hat looks like a beret from the front, but it’s more cuddly and sweeter than the beret.

Woolen hat

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 10

Woolen hats must have a place, not pick people, so that everyone can wear them out in the winter.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 11

Like IU with such a denim coat full of street sense, immediately personality full.The classic black is versatile, low-key and full of personality, creating a warm and stylish look.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 12

A woolen hat is also a perfect match for a warm winter coat.The hat and coat can be colored to match each other, making the whole look sophisticated and soft.

Autumn And Winter Popularity Hat 13

The hat is worn in the back, will be redundant tail soft collapse collapse press go down, relatively loose version can very good echo leisure wind, and soft collapse of the cap place autumn winter languid lazy also performance incisively and vividly.




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