In this year’s fisherman’s hat, it’s all the rage to cover your eyes

Fishermans Hat 11

Hats come in many varieties, but not many come in handy when a girl isn’t washing her hair or add some color to an otherwise mundane look!The regular hat can’t satisfy the fashionable people any more, this year’s fashion…No eyes?

Fishermans Hat 1

The lower the brim of the hat, the more it covers most of your face, but only a small part of it is visible.

Fishermans Hat 2

Meet now go out to wear a mask, plus a “potted bottom” hat, let everyone do not know your true face, even if go out to be lazy to make up also did not call.

Fishermans Hat 3

The style has been added points, color can also play with.If you feel a little bored with the same color, add a fisherman’s hat with a different color, and you can light it up.

Fishermans Hat 4

Leather styles can enhance texture, and at All Black, a fisherman hat with a low brim can enhance the visual focus of the look and make it taller.

Fishermans Hat 5

Of course, the cap is the most practical function or keep warm, so plush money is the not 2 choice of autumn winter.It is said that the head is easy to lose heat, so fairies must start from the “head” to keep warm.Popular among Korean girls, the fisherman’s hat can be bought.

Fishermans Hat 6

If you think they are all too hairy “niang”, you can also choose the inner layer of the outer cortex is fluffy, niang man combination is reflected in a certain hat.

Fishermans Hat 7

Woolen cloth style is also OK, similar material, the same color, with the body of the sweater match.

Fishermans Hat 8

A solid color print will do, although you can’t see the whole face, but the printed fisherman hat is more highlights.

Fishermans Hat 9

Besides, if you’re a conservative and wear solid and dark colors, be sure to keep a few colorful hats handy. A regular basics can look great.

Fishermans Hat 10

In addition, there is an improved version of the baseball cap, wider brim double the protection from the sun, plus the baseball cap itself comes with the casual effect, and this bizarre appearance, even the basic body, can make you more stylish.

Fishermans Hat 11

Who said streetwear couldn’t go with a fisherman’s hat!Pair a tight knit top with baggy suit pants and pair them with sneakers and a hat to make suit pants look casual even if they have a serious look.

Fishermans Hat 12

Knitting styles like Mino are also good, soft and warm, and adjustable, so you don’t have to worry that your head is too small to wear, but you can’t see the road clearly.

Fishermans Hat 13



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